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Twenty eight year old Nathan Brown lives a joyless life, unable to move forward after his mother’s death from cancer and his best friend’s suicide. A midnight visit from an elf-like creature who claims to be a messenger from God does not improve his mood. The visitor grants a horrified Nathan the title of Fairy, Third Class. His task is to help three wishes come true, none of which are for him. A star is placed on his chest, right over his heart, as a reminder. He has until Christmas Day to do the job for God and not a clue about where to begin.
The first wish is for a runaway teenager named Maria. The second is for his dead friend’s cheating wife. Nathan makes little progress until he finds a way past his bitterness regarding her betrayal. As he works through the wishes, his circumstances slowly begin to change. The recipient of the third wish is revealed on Christmas morning, and the discovery alters Nathan’s life forever.

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About Diary of a Super Girl

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The first time death visits Peta Kelly, it’s with a lightning bolt. But that’s the least of her problems. It’s the meeting with her dead parents that leaves her with undetected super powers. Their gradual emergence has her doubting her own sanity. Can she really hear some people’s thoughts? Is she growing stronger and faster, or just suffering from lightning induced psychosis?
When threatened by a stranger, Peta becomes overtaken with rage; she literally sees the world awash in the color red. At times her emotions seem out of control, making her feel more like a teenager than a grown woman. It’s the secrets that are the hard part. She keeps her friends and sister unaware of her transformation, confiding only in an elderly neighbor.
Fighting a wild new attraction to her best friend, Rhett, Peta starts dating Jai de Luca, a guy hot enough to be the devil’s side kick. As her love life heats up, Peta’s new abilities have her rescuing others while trying not to lose the person she is. In the end, she must figure out who she loves and what her life is meant to be.

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