What’s It all About, Meatloaf?

I was driving down the street a number of years ago when Meatloaf’s song, ‘I would do Anything for Love, (but I won’t do that),’ came on the radio. I’d never heard it before. I pulled the car over, growing increasingly irritated that I couldn’t figure out exactly what ‘that’ was. Sex? Lying? Cross dressing?Continue reading “What’s It all About, Meatloaf?”

Les Miserables and Me, Confessions of an Alto

Passion. Faith. Greed. Love. I sit in the Channing auditorium with my alto sisters, mentally echoing Jean Val Jean’s shout out to the universe. Who Am I? And why is my memory so dismal? I ignore the larger questions, of course. The ones the characters ponder during this three hour musical extravaganza. Though, like them, I wonder where it all went wrong. NotContinue reading “Les Miserables and Me, Confessions of an Alto”