The Devil is Swedish. His Name is Ikea

We are an optimistic pair, my husband and I. Or maybe we’re just deluded. It’s entirely possible that enough time had passed since our last assembling experience that we’d forgotten what it was like.  For the third time in our lives, we spent an afternoon in purgatory. It’s when we wander around the large store,Continue reading “The Devil is Swedish. His Name is Ikea”

One Cake Over the Line, Sweet Jesus

Most days I do pretty well managing my wheat free, low sugar diet. I hate suffering through the hives, aching muscles, nausea and brain fog that accompany foods that don’t like me. It’s not just wheat. Gluten free crackers, cookies, and basically anything fun and well sugared also makes my body sad. Especially if IContinue reading “One Cake Over the Line, Sweet Jesus”

For Those Who Can’t Get It Up

I was reading the editorial from Maclean’s September 26th issue regarding online trolls, when I had a revelation. Since I’m Canadian, I’ll form it as an apology. I’m so sorry you can’t get it up. Maybe you never could. But perhaps a little encouragement, or even some information, will help you find success. Let’s beginContinue reading “For Those Who Can’t Get It Up”