Quentin Tarantino and Me

 Today, I did something I’ve thought about for a long time. I took the Meyers Briggs personality test. Overall, I’m happy with the results, though it was spooky how right they were about aspects of my personality. Friendly, diplomatic, intuitive and feeling, with 65% assertiveness, and 35% turbulence. I sound like bad weather. But howContinue reading “Quentin Tarantino and Me”

It’s Not Just You, Pepe, it’s Me

 Dear Pepe Le Pew, I had a conversation with my daughter this morning that helped put things in perspective. In her delicate way, Hilary pointed out that I seem to be having a few anger issues. Every time we talk, I give her an earful about whatever is ticking me off at the moment. I’mContinue reading “It’s Not Just You, Pepe, it’s Me”

What’s It All About, Pepe?

I hardly ever use rubbing alcohol these days. The bottle I found in my bathroom cupboard this morning had expired back in 2007. How can alcohol go bad? Is it the rubbing part?┬áMy husband had inherited a bottle of Mezcal that his father bought in Mexico in the early seventies. When my niece and aContinue reading “What’s It All About, Pepe?”