It’s time to talk about politics, the elephant in my blogging room. I can’t dance around the beast any longer. I’m not here to pander, promote, or manipulate. I’m here to whine. So please, for the next few minutes, let me make this about me.
But not just me. This may come in handy for other partners of people with big plans. The dreamers and visionaries. The one married to George R. R. Martin.

“Hey,” you might hear at some point in your life. “Let’s give up our jobs and travel across Asia, freeze our asses off, almost die and spend a lot of time with rats.” Of course, Clarence didn’t phrase it in that particular way. His type is very inspirational when presenting ideas. The next thing you know, you’re following along obediently. Nay, gladly.

I’m not in Asia anymore. And I’m not married to George R. R. Martin. But I am wedded to a politician who is up for re-election. So here’s my high pitched violin moment. Nobody ever talks about the politician’s spouse unless you’re Bill Clinton.  And believe me, we partners have our woes.
(The violin is playing quietly in the background. Can you hear it?)

Anyway. It’s a slog, this political life. I’m mostly okay with it, but people don’t realize the dedication it takes, the nerves of steel, the stiff upper lip necessary for the spouse of a political candidate. Just ask Donald Trump’s wife. Thank goodness making speeches wasn’t part of my bride price. I’m not sure how they do things in Slovenia but she definitely gets the sympathy vote.  Anyway, back to me.

I really, truly appreciate  all the people who run for office. Somebody has to step out of their comfort zone. Throw their hat in the ring. We can’t all live in North Korea where one guy is in charge forever. The problem is that when the candidate’s hat flies through the air, so does yours. You barely have time to look up before the job of being a full time minion begins. Fetching, carrying, printing, prodding, mailing, stuffing, listening, etc. I could go on. (You know I can.)

Please thank your candidate, whoever he or she is, for stepping up to the plate. They deserve your appreciation. Months of plodding around trying to get their points across, and an earnest desire to make things better is truly what most people running for office want. Please understand that. Then look behind them for the minion waiting, often bored, in the background. Shake their hand and mutter the words, “I’m so sorry.” We’ll appreciate the gesture.

Published by Judith Pettersen

Judith Pettersen is an author living in Canada. She blogs about her life in the north and the ups and downs of being a writer.

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