Oops, I’ve Crapped My Pants

There’s no getting around the topic of this blog posting. Clarence tried to dissuade me from writing it, but in the spirit of the Hanson Family Motto (no thought goes unspoken) I just had to. My husband came up with alternate titles, vaguely referencing the direness of the situation while skirting the facts. He liked ‘Last Tango in Regina’ or ‘A Bridge TooContinue reading “Oops, I’ve Crapped My Pants”

Survivor Manitoba

As March wanes on, we Manitobans have begun to feel like the half dead survivors of a Polar apocalypse. The cold has seeped into our bones and sapped our energy.  Endless snow shoveling, frozen car batteries and cabin fever are just a few symptoms of this never ending winter.  Sure, the sun shines occasionally and every now and then the wind cuts out. But the snow isContinue reading “Survivor Manitoba”

You’re Wearing Those Pants?

This morning my husband wandered out of the bedroom wearing a pair of jeans that were so short, he looked like he was pulling them up to wade through water. When I pointed this out, he went and changed. This signifies his easy going nature rather than any agreement on his part. We’ve had similar conversations over the years. His swaggeringContinue reading “You’re Wearing Those Pants?”

Winning at The Olympics of Life

Just like the winter games taking place in Sochi, the imaginary ‘Olympics of Life’ would host an ongoing series of events. Some would have clear, well defined and easily judged values. Like, who makes the most money? Who has traveled the furthest? Worst criminal ever would be less definable, though not as hard as, say, picking the most altruisticContinue reading “Winning at The Olympics of Life”

Neil Young and me on a Saturday Morning

Neil Young sat beside me last Saturday during choir practice. Metaphorically, of course. But it felt real. We were learning his song, ‘After the Gold Rush.’ The harmony was lovely and haunting, bringing me close to tears. The music feels like a dirge with its plaintive talk of drugs and mother nature. And yet. As we moved through the piece I began to feel like myContinue reading “Neil Young and me on a Saturday Morning”

Safe, on the Other Side of Sixty

In 1979 I was standing on a mountain in the Himalayas. My face hadn’t seen water in four days and my 25th birthday loomed over me like a serial killer. The thing I’d been dreading all year had arrived. It was finally time for me to grow up. I made a few promises to myself back then, which I’ve kept. For example, to stopContinue reading “Safe, on the Other Side of Sixty”

A Moment of Silence for the Women of Christmas

This is my tribute to women during the busiest season of their lives. In no way should my male readers take this as a slight or a rejection of all they have to offer. I know that any one of you can pour a drink with the best of them. You probably make excellent egg nog, and areContinue reading “A Moment of Silence for the Women of Christmas”

In Pursuit of Good Enough

Writing a blog reminds me of going to confession. Something about the tiny room in the back of my old Catholic church, the lingering scent of incense, the attentive and gentle presence of the priest. It all seems to work in much the same way. On the page and in the church I spill the beans every time. Are bloggers actually seeking forgiveness, then, or some type of absolution? TheContinue reading “In Pursuit of Good Enough”

Please Proceed to the Back of the Plane

Now that I’m older, I’ve decided to give my life the respect it deserves. By savoring each moment, the simple transforms into the extraordinary. Like when I’m listening to CBC radio in the kitchen and feel such a heady rush of joy, I know it’s impossible to feel any happier.  That store of joy is tucked away inside me, ready to be releasedContinue reading “Please Proceed to the Back of the Plane”

Faith, Stress, and the Zombie Apocalypse

A week ago I got back from a trip, woke up on Thursday morning and remembered I’d agreed to do the church service on Sunday. I started thinking about my sermon and all the stuff I had to do over the next few days. I felt excessively busy, but in a very disorganized way. I had an overwhelming feelingContinue reading “Faith, Stress, and the Zombie Apocalypse”